Is the Postal Vote Legitimate?

Posted on: Mon 14 Aug 2017

From a plebiscite to a postal vote, the Turnbull Government has announced it will have the Australian Bureau of Statistics conduct a postal survey to gauge the public’s stance on legalising same sex marriage.

Like the plebiscite, this method is not without its drawbacks though.

Just days after its announcement, independent MPs have already lodged challenges in the High Court to prevent the vote from going ahead.

Moreover, many MPs and members of the public have raised concerns over the lack of protections against fraud, hate speech and bribery within this survey and how this could affect not only the mental health of the LGBTQI+ community, but also the legitimacy of the survey.

“I think if the survey goes ahead without protections against hate speech, that could damage the legitimacy of the survey” said Paul Kildea, a Senior Lecturer in Law at UNSW.

Paul Kildea joined hosts Jennie Lenman and Ian Newton to discuss some of the legal issues with this survey and his thoughts on how this vote will play out.

Produced by Milly Schultz-Boylen

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