How to Tackle Youth Drinking

Posted on: Wed 26 Jul 2017

Recent studies have shown that while fewer teenagers are drinking alcohol, more still needs to be done to change the habits of Australian school students.

More than 2800 South Australian students recently took part in a drinking behaviour study aiming to show a snapshot of how prevalent alcohol consumption is among students.

Lead author, Jacqueline Bowden told Radio Adelaide that, “drinking rates are declining and the age of initiation of alcohol consumption is increasing which is really positive news”.

Bowden said the average age of alcohol initiation is around 16 years of age.

She reinforced that an alcohol free household is a much more effective approach in tackling teenage drinking, “evidence is really clear now that parents shouldn’t be providing their teenagers with alcohol because unfortunately parental supply is associated with heavier teen drinking”.

The research found that parents are the most important role models when it comes to alcohol consumption, “we found that teenagers who thought that their parents would disapprove of them drinking alcohol were much less likely to actually drink” Bowden said.

Listen in to Jennie Lenman’s chat with Jacqueline Bowden, Behavioural Scientist and Manager of Population Health Research at SAHMRI here:

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