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A Fossilised Step Ahead Of The Rest

Posted on: Tue 25 Jul 2017

Prehistoric fossilised footprints have been found by researchers from the Finders University on Kangaroo Island. These footprints reveal what the prehistoric animals would have looked like as well as how they would have lived.

“We actually don’t  know a lot about fossil footprints in Australia particularly for animals from this period, so this is actually one of the first studies that’s looked into this” – Dr Aaron Camens’ research is leading the way in palaeontology history.

Researcher on this project Dr. Aaron Camens sat down with Jennie Lenman to talk about how special these findings are.

“South Australia is really special, palaeontology speaking, both in terms of the quality of fossils we have  but also the time that we span, so we have some of the earliest forms of life on earth” – Dr Aaron Camens on the importance of the palaeontology site.

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