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SAPOL Targeting Annoying Drivers

Posted on: Mon 17 Jul 2017

In a new initiative from South Australian Police, called Traffic Thursdays, they will be targeting drivers who don’t follow the basic road rules. The new campaign hopes to stop annoying drivers from creating frustration on the road.

“Ultimately if we can influence a greater majority through education then we are achieving our goal”

The campaign will be creating awareness of basic road rules through enforcement and education. The first Traffic Thursday saw 226 drivers spoken to, with 19 being fined.

“There were a significant amount of people who were unaware of the rule and some who felt it didn’t apply to them”

Police are happy with the results of Traffic Thursdays and will be continuing one day a month.

Jennie Lenman speaks with Officer in Charge of SA Police Traffic Support Branch, Inspector Ben Spencer, to tell us more about the initiative.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis

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