Ken Matthews: Let me share my story – Part 1

Posted on: Mon 17 Jul 2017

In a quiet tree-lined street in a Melbourne suburb,  Ken Matthews, a Veteran of both the Malaya/Borneo conflict and the Vietnam War, sat at his dining-room table recently and recorded his experiences.  Enlisting in 1960 with the intention of becoming a motor mechanic, he found himself graduating from recruit training as an infantry soldier – do you think his Mum was dismayed!!  He was soon on his way to the jungles of Malaya and Borneo with 3RAR to fight in a conflict that even today, more than 50 years on, is still little known by the general public.

Part 2 of Ken’s story will be broadcast on Monday 24.07.17.

Producer Helen Meyer

Photo provided by Ken Matthews:  6PL B Coy 3 RAR resupply by Timor ponies Thai-Malay Border operations 1964

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