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Facets, Fractals, Fantasy and Fell art exhibition

Posted on: Sat 15 Jul 2017

For SALA festival this year, the Red Rhino Room are hosting the exhibition called Facets, Fractals, Fantasy and Fell.

Don Oswald, one of the photographers from the exhibition, and Rani Baslis, the curator and owner of the space, joined Tara Nash in the studio to discuss it.

“The Red Rhino exhibition space… was about the application of the arts and the importance of the application of the arts in building innovators and thinkers in our society, I’ve always dealt with the concept of good thinkers make great people,” Rani said.

“As people we all present a face but inside there’s a whole number of different personalities, so I did photographs of one of my colleagues and there’s 10 photographs of the same person presenting all different aspects of what the person’s personality could be,” Don said.

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