SA Footy Teams Thriving

Posted on: Mon 10 Jul 2017

All South Australian AFL fans are happy after this weekend of footy, both Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows had fantastic wins, setting up both teams for a good chance in the finals.

“Port can push for a top 4 chance, if they can continue to play this type of footy”

In Wimbledon, only one Aussie made it to the second round and that was outsider Arina Rodinanova. While Bernic Tomic still continues to give us something to talk about with his recent comments.

“Maybe he needs someone, a proper couch, to get him to pull his finger out…because he has got talent”

Jennie Lenman speaks with Bevan Jones from Midday Sport to discuss more.

Produced by Nick Wilton

Image Sourced: Wikimedia Commons


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