Damon Gameau talks about sugar

Posted on: Wed 5 Jul 2017

Today’s show is all about sugar. We talk about what it does to our bodies and our minds and some simple things that we can do to reduce our intake of sugar and take more control of our health.

We’re delighted to welcome Damon Gameau to our show today. Many of you will have heard of or seen Damon who is an actor and the filmmaker behind a movie called, “That Sugar Film”.

Some parts of “That Sugar Film” were filmed on the APY Lands and include interviews with people from the Lands, including John Tregenza from Mai Wiru.

Damon talks about setting up the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation and things that we can do to cut down how much sugar we eat.

This program includes tracks from the UPK albums – ‘Sugar Kura’, ‘Mai Wiru’ and ‘Tjuka Pulka Ngalkupai’.

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