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Negotiating the Post-Truth Era

Posted on: Tue 4 Jul 2017

Doctor Alana Mann sat down with Jennie Lenman to speak about farming in the post-truth era.

Dr. Mann is part of a multi-disciplinary project at the University of Sydney, the ‘Post-Truth Initiative’, who is setting out to examine this highly publicised media and public relations concept.

“We’re certainly being challenged as to the legitimacy of scientific findings at research institutions now which, in a lot of ways, is a healthy thing. I know that, for example, in the area of food production and consumer health, there’s been a lot of media lately about the fact that particular projects are sponsored or funded by commercial profit-making organisations.” – Doctor Alana Mann.

Her recent article in The Conversation explores the dubious post-truth tactics employed by large agricultural businesses

Produced by Casey Tonkin

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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