G20 Summit – Increased Security, Increased Tensions

Posted on: Wed 28 Jun 2017

The G20 Summit is just around the corner, set to begin in Hamburg, Germany on 7 July 2017. The summit already has much controversy surrounding it.

Security throughout the city has been heightened, “one of the most interesting things about this…is that Hamburg is considered as a hot bed so to speak of very very left wing activists. We’ve already started seeing protests in the lead up to this,” said Ineke Mules from Deutsche Welle.

Germany has officially warned Erdogan bodyguards to stay away from the Hamburg G20, “the fact that the German Foreign Ministry has been quite firm, saying don’t bring your body guards is a fairly strong stance to take…when it comes from officials, that’s probably going to make things one hundred times worse,” said Mules.

Our European Correspondent, Ineke Mules joined us to discuss.

Produced by Tom Mann

Image sourced from Pixabay


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