Behind the writing of the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Posted on: Wed 21 Jun 2017

In late May around 300 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates met at Uluru to discuss possible changes to the Federal Constitution. The meeting was the last in a series of Regional Dialogues that aimed to resolve the long running Recognise campaign with clear position on Indigenous people’s preferred way of change.

The result was the Uluru Statement from the Heart, a proposal for a way forward for constitutional reform.

Thomas Mayor is Northern Territory Branch Secretary for the Maritime Museum. He was at the Uluru Convention as a representative of his region and is now on the Working Group chosen to take the Uluru Statement forward.

Aboriginal Message spoke to him at the recent National Native Title Conference and he told us about what he saw at the dialogues – he says they were places where different views were listened to and acknowledged.

Produced by Lucy Kingston

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