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Louise Bagger: The Reflections Project

Posted on: Mon 19 Jun 2017

It’s an amazing, generous gift to the people of Australia…  I’m talking about The Reflections Project, comprising around 6,500 photos of surviving Australian World War 2 Veterans that the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (a not for profit organisation) will gift to us at the Australian War Memorial in August this year.

“Reflections” aimed to photograph the remaining Veterans of WWII to create a significant archive for the nation that reflects a sensitive portrayal of their elderly state and provide a cognisant comparison to the wartime images of young active men and women. Louise Bagger tells us all about it today…

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo of WW2 Veteran Clifford Brice – by Louise Bagger, Professional Photographer.   Sadly Clifford has since passed away.

The AIPP Reflections Project

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