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The Price of Fame – Celebrities and their right to privacy

Posted on: Tue 13 Jun 2017


Although many people argue that publicity is the price you pay for becoming a celebrity, there is no contract that says that in order to be famous you must surrender your privacy. Shouldn’t every human be allowed to keep some parts of their personal lives private?

To get an international perspective on this issue, we spoke with John Kelly, a media lawyer in London, who specialises in advising public figures and celebrities on how to protect their rights and reputations.

John has acted for many high profile public figures including

Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Russell Brand and Sharon and Ozzy Osborne and, recently, Melahnia Trump.

We asked him what privacy rights celebrities should be entitled to and whether they should be treated differently to the rest of us, give it a listen!


Producer Sophie Campbell

Photo via Joh Rawlison – Flickr

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