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The Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill in SA

Posted on: Sun 11 Jun 2017

On this week’s program we interviewed Sharon Jennings who manages the Sex Industry Network (SIN).

SIN is a peer-based not for profit organisation which advocates for the rights, health and well-being of sex workers across the state. It is run for and by sex workers.

Sharon spoke with us about the background and current status of the push in South Australia to decriminalise sex work, and why decriminalisation is best practice for the safety and wellbeing of workers. We also delved into some common misconceptions and misrepresentations that surround the public conversations around sex work, where these come from, and how they contribute to further stigmatising of sex workers and the industry as a whole.

you can find out more about the fantastic work of Sharon and the wonderful team at SIN at, or by liking their Facebook page:

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