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Friendly Street Poets

Posted on: Sun 11 Jun 2017

The Friendly Street Poets is having it’s 41st anthology launch on June 12 at Box Factory.

The Anthonology called Worlds in Words, is edited by Edie Eicas, an artist and writer,  and David Harris, a retired engineer a musician and a poet.

They came into the studio to talk about the night and read some poetry.

Edie Eicas is an artist working through many mediums: painting, sculpture and collage. She has turned her hand to script-writing, poetry and short stories.

With an interest in psychology, cultural and literary theory, her writing explores relationships, history, truth and how society determines identity and values. Observations range from the domestic to the political, from nature to consequences of neurosis and from love to hate and these insights find their expression in her poems.

Editing Friendly Street Poets has given her an opportunity to appreciate the nuances of language but also to wrestle with grammar, style changes and the formatting of books.

David Harris is a retired engineer, living in the Adelaide Hills. Born in Perth. First poem was in school magazine. Occasional poems and song lyrics over the years, recently taking up poetry more seriously. Friendly Street Mentored Poet in 2011. Also spends time playing Celtic/Folk music and restoring vintage aircraft.

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