the big issue: men’s health week

Posted on: Wed 7 Jun 2017

This edition of The Big Issue discusses mental health among men in anticipation of Men’s Health Week, which will kick off from 12 June.

Prince Harry graces the cover as he opens up about his own struggle with mental health. The Prince has also just touched down in Sydney ahead of the Invictus Games, which are to be held in Sydney next year.

We speak with editor Amy Hetherington about the effects of having influential people speak up about mental health and the significance of having a health week just for men.

“In Australia there’s about 3 million men and women who suffer from anxiety or depression. So in this edition, what we’re exploring is that you can be from any walk of life,” says Amy.

The edition includes numerous entrants of the National Photographic Portrait Prize, which prompts us to take a closer look at life in modern Australia.

The Big Issue will also be turning 21 soon, so keep an eye out as they celebrate the milestone in the next edition.

Editor Amy Hetherington spoke with Breakfast’s Jennie Lenman.



Produced by Zoe Walker

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons




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