Local Ukrainian band ‘Yellow Blue Bus’ Live

Posted on: Wed 24 May 2017

Local South Australian band, Yellow Blue Bus is an eclectic global fusion ensemble with traditional Ukrainian roots.

The six-piece band blends a diverse range of instruments, including the quintessentially Ukrainian 65-stringed Bandura, violin, guitar, mandolin, keyboard, halo handpan, didgeridoo and percussion.

Yellow Blue Bus has adopted the Ukrainian word ‘zletya’ to aptly describe their genre of music. Zletya, conveying ‘fusion’, literally means, “things flying into one place from all directions.”

Four of the members, Ihor Kushnir, Tony Hole, James Sweeny and Peter Telenko joined us live to have a chat and to perform an original piece. 

They will be performing at the Bohemian Bicycle Club on June 24. For more details click here.

Produced by Kvitka Becker


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