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McNirt Hates Dirt at DreamBIG Festival

Posted on: Wed 17 May 2017

DreamBig Children’s Festival celebrates our children and it’s taking over a number of venues across the state from 18 – 27 May 2017.

The festival hopes to excite, encourage, challenge, stimulate and motivate the children of South Australia through productions, workshops and curated events.

One of the shows part of the festival is McNirt Hates Dirt – it’s designed to actively involve the audience and engage young children on multiple levels, “it’s a beautiful show, a very gentle show and it’s about themes like sustainability, community, helping one another and friendship all wrapped into one show” said Miranda Hampton.

Miranda Hampton, the designer, producer and writer of McNirt Hates Dirt joined Jennie Lenman. 

For more details on how to attend DreamBIG Festival, click here.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image sourced from DreamBIG Festival’s Facebook Page


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