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Behind the Wire – A Voice for Asylum Seekers

Posted on: Wed 26 Apr 2017

While we hear about the issues faced by asylum seekers in detention, it’s always been difficult to know what those experiences feel like.

That’s the problem being tackled by Behind the Wire, “you rarely hear lengthy, complex stories about the people actually affected by these policies and in particular you don’t hear very much at all about what its like to be inside detention” says Andre Huy Dao. 

Behind the Wire is an award-winning volunteer-run history organisation which has given asylum seekers a way to share accounts of their time in detention; they have released their first book They Cannot Take the Sky, comprising of stories from 35 different refugees and asylum seekers.

Andre Huy Dao, the co-founder of Behind the Wire joined Jennie Lenman to discuss the work of the organisation and some of these stories. 

Produced by Jennie Lenman

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