Is President Trump a puppet of Russia?

Posted on: Wed 12 Apr 2017

President Trump has responded to the chemical weapon attack on Syrian civilians last week by authorising a missile strike on a Syrian airbase, going against his campaign policies.

Does this cut his ties with Russia? Or does the fact that he let Russia know that he was going to bomb the Syrian airbases mean there was a bit more collusion than there usually would be.

US Correspondent, Taylor Kaplan said, “if Trump would act out of compassion, he might have let refugees from Syria in earlier in his Presidency…It’s hard to take at face value that Trump is acting out of compassion, there seem to be a lot of ulterior motives here, mainly his Russian entailment’s and trying to put out the flame a bit in terms of people questioning his ties to Russia.”

Jennie Lenman spoke to US Correspondent, Taylor Kaplan. To read more from Taylor, click here

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