Protecting the Reef from Climate Change

Posted on: Wed 12 Apr 2017

The Great Barrier Reef is at a ‘terminal stage’ according to the latest coral bleaching data from late March. But what can be done now to address it and how much of a role can legislation play in the reef’s protection?

Environmental Justice Australia in collaboration with Earth Justice have released a report asking the World Heritage Committee to take action in protecting the Great Barrier Reef from the devastating effects of climate change.

Lawyer, Ariane Wilkinson from Environmental Justice Australia said the Australian Government needs to be held to account on the International stage,

“Australia has a higher responsibility to act and under the convention should be called upon to do our utmost which would involve doing our fair share under the Paris agreement for one and secondly not locking in further fossil fuel infrastructure that we know is going to causes devastation to world heritage listed coral reef.”

She joined Jennie Lenman to discuss. To read the full report, click here.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons


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