Petula Columbus: The AMWMRF – A 3yr funded PHD into post traumatic stress of Female First Responders!

Posted on: Mon 20 Mar 2017

While the numbers of female first responders in our hospitals, Police Departments, Ambulance and other Emergency Services etc  have risen substantially, research into their roles and the resulting potential for post traumatic stress seems to have fallen off the radar… if indeed it was ever on that radar.  But things are about to change. 

In a world first, the Australian Medical Women’s Memorial Research Fund has put the call out Nationally for a suitably qualified researcher to take up their offer of a  generous, 3 year PHD to research the mental, social and physical health impacts of occupational exposures among South Australian Emergency Department (ED) Female First Responders being nurses and doctors. Petula Columbus, Chairperson of Snowdrops Hope For PTSD tells us all about it today, and encourages suitable applicants to come forward.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Snowdrops Hope for PTSD Logo courtesy of Petula Columbus


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