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Dr Susan Neuhaus: Not For Glory – discriminated against, unrecognised, yet they went ahead just the same

Posted on: Mon 20 Mar 2017

Guest Interviewer May Shotton (The Legacy Hour) produces a delightful chat with Susan about the book that she co-wrote with Sharon Mascall-Dare…  ‘Not for Glory’.

Susan and Sharon combined to bring to light the stories of some of Australia’s most courageous War Veterans, most of whom go completely unrecognised by our historians and the military entitlements sector.  These Veterans were women in the medical profession who didn’t do as they were told…  Go away…  find yourself a good man and a nice frock…   do some knitting…   instead they went to battlefields in all corners of the world, in extreme conditions, and they saved lives…  and sometimes they had to fund this work from their own pockets!

Guest interviewer May Shotton

Photo courtesy of Susan Neuhaus.   Not For Glory. Co-written by Susan Neuhaus and Sharon Mascall-Dare.





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