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Licence transfer approved

Posted on: Tue 20 Dec 2016

Great news!

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has advised the University of Adelaide that it has approved the transfer of Radio Adelaide’s existing community broadcasting licence from the University of Adelaide to the new body operating the station, Educational Broadcasters Adelaide Incorporated.

This is great news and is reward for all the hard work put in by our Board, staff and volunteers in putting the licence transfer application together.

To keep the educational focus on our educational licence priorities, membership will be offered to five universities. This may result in universities having board positions and being active in all aspects of the station, including the programming committee. Discussions will be held with the universities in the new year.

Special thanks to Andrea Michaels, Rob Popplestone and Chris Leese who carried much of the workload in securing the ACMA approval.

Iain Evans
Radio Adelaide


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