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SQLDR Glen Gallagher: The Poseidon – a worthy successor to The Orion

Posted on: Mon 12 Dec 2016

Over a 40 year period, the P3 Orion was familiar to South Australians, as they observed it heading off from RAAF Base Edinburgh on various missions.  But now the time has come for this grand old lady of the skies to be replaced by a newer, more agile successor.  The P-8A Poseidon uses advanced sensors and mission systems, including an advanced multi-role radar, high definition cameras, and an acoustic system with four times the processing capacity of the Orions.

Squadron Leader Glen Gallagher has just returned to Australia from the United States where he participated in intensive training on the new aircraft.  He chats today about many aspects of both the Orion and the Poseidon, and his training in the U.S.

Interviewer Fiona White

Photo provided by the Defence Image Gallery.  Posiedon Orion Neptune 92WG maritime – 3 generations of aircraft flying together.

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