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Petra Ball: Protecting Humanity’s Heritage

Posted on: Mon 12 Dec 2016

Last year, the 2,000 year old Baal Shamin temple in the ancient city of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Syria was targeted and destroyed.  Archaeologist and Head of Antiquities for the region, Professor Khaled al-Assad, who had been looking after the Palmyra ruins for four decades was publicly beheaded by Islamic State terrorists, ISIS.  He was 81 years old.  Sadly, this type of story does not sit in isolation.

Protecting Cultural Property in Armed Conflict – Obligations in War and Peace is the theme of   ‘Culture Under Attack’ …  a photographic exhibition currently on display at Artlab Australia until 23 December. It showcases how the laws of war must protect precious cultural heritage as well as people, and shows the tragic toll on some of the world’s most irreplaceable monuments and treasures. Petra Ball, International Humanitarian Law Officer for Red Cross in South Australia chats with Service Voices today about this.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo courtesy of Red Cross South Australia

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