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Rick Shrowder: MVSC instilling the right values!

Posted on: Mon 17 Oct 2016

A Sporting club the size of the Modbury Vista Soccer Club (MVSC) with over 700 members, has an enormous opportunity to instil the values associated with their motto, Pride, Honour and Respect, into their 50 plus teams of players, ranging from very young to adults. Not just in the Clubrooms, but outside in society as well. It has the opportunity to be the platform for a learning opportunity.

The Club’s influence, especially in regard to respect for women and girls could save lives.  Lives not only of the women and girls those members come into contact with, but lives of the members themselves.  It could avoid jail terms, it could save families.  It could engender happier and more successful lives.  The possibilities are infinite.  MVSC Chairperson Rick Shrowder tells us about how they’ve embarked on a journey to set the right expectations of its members and demand a high level of good and decent behaviour.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo provided by Rick Shrowder 2016

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