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Dr Paul Dare: using new technology to fight bush fires

Posted on: Mon 5 Sep 2016

The mere word ‘bush fire’ can strike fear into the hearts of people who have experienced one at close hand. Lives have been lost, property and livelihoods destroyed. Hopes and dreams shattered.  When Dr Paul Dare from Fire Flight, a small South Australian Company introduced a technologically advanced method of tackling the bush-fire problem, Service Voices decided that his story fits in nicely to follow on from the interview we did two weeks ago with the Country Fire Service (CFS).  

Just what is this technology that is attracting attention overseas?  What does it have to offer, how does it work and why is there a growing need for it?  How does Australia compare with the US when it comes to fighting fires?

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photo of Kyeema grey-fire provided by Dr Paul Dare

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