Tackling racism in schools & communities through theatre

Posted on: Mon 22 Aug 2016

Manal Younis, Lochy Maybury & Nicolle Orr at Reconciliation SA Forum

Reconciliation South Australia has visited schools across SA for the Schools Congress over the last two years and talked to around 800 students in that time.  Mark Waters from Reconciliation SA says that he hasn’t met a single student who hasn’t experienced or witnessed some kind of racism, in school or online, during those visits.

How can students be equipped to deal with this racism?  The SA Schools Congress includes an interactive forum theatre experience led by Act Now theatre which aims to build resilience against racism.  The workshop and conversation will also extend to local communities.

Edwin Kemp Atrill from Act Now Theatre and Mark Waters joined Aboriginal Message to tell us about the Schools Congress program, currently under way.

Produced by Lucy Kingston

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