Training Enrolment

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By clicking Submit below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the following:

  1. I am joining the Radio Adelaide station community and I will abide by its rules, policies and procedures.
  2. I will attend and complete all inductions and training courses required for my involvement at Radio Adelaide.
  3. I will only use Radio Adelaide equipment and facilities once I have completed training.
  4. I will only use Radio Adelaide equipment and facilities for work related to my role at Radio Adelaide and I will seek permission from the Station Manager before using them for any other purpose.
  5. All material I produce or broadcast will comply with all codes, regulations and legislation relevant to community broadcasting.
  6. I will maintain a current email address, read all emails from the station and respond when requested.
  7. I will endeavour to attend volunteer meetings and take part in off-air station community activities where possible.
  8. Radio Adelaide holds the ownership and copyright of all material produced at the station.
  9. Radio Adelaide reserves the right to censor, edit and/or change any program material I present for broadcast or online.
  10. I acknowledge that I am responsible for content I produce and I indemnify Radio Adelaide against any legal actions or claims and/or any costs or damages which arise as a consequence of anything which is broadcast, published or recorded by me or on my behalf.
  11. I will get approval from Radio Adelaide for any proposed changes to program personnel or format.
  12. Radio Adelaide staff may pass my contact details on to another Station Worker at their discretion.
  13. I will act as a positive ambassador for Radio Adelaide and never seek to represent the station in any way that I am not authorised to.

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