Podcast Works

So you want to make a podcast? But perhaps you’re not sure where to start?

Podcast Works is Radio Adelaide’s full-service podcast production house and it will help you turn your idea into a compelling podcast series and engage your target audience.

It’s true that anyone can easily make a podcast, but with Podcast Works you can make a great podcast.

There are more than half a million podcasts on Apple Podcasts alone and the bar for quality is set high. With Podcast Works, you’ll have access to Radio Adelaide’s decades of award-winning experience in audio storytelling and training. We’ll help you to clearly define your concept and target audience, craft a compelling story, produce high-quality audio and get your podcast into the ears of your community. You’ll create your podcast series in four stages:

  1. Concept Development: Turn your podcast idea into a compelling podcast series. Workshop your idea, define your audience and establish your creative brief.
  2. Recording & Production: Give your podcast a polished, professional sound with our skilled presenters and producers. And create the digital content that will engage new listeners online and via social media.
  3. Hosting & Distribution: Publish your podcast on Australia’s most popular podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.
  4. Broadcast Options: Take your podcast straight to an established, engaged audience on Radio Adelaide. Promote your podcast with ads, feature segments, or even turn your podcast into a broadcast program!

Want to know more?


In addition to helping you create, produce and host your podcast, Podcast Works can also help you design a logo and branding and create digital assets for sharing episodes on your website and social media channels.

Also, unlike other providers, with Podcast Works you can leverage Radio Adelaide’s established on-air and online audience to immediately supersize your reach!

  • Design & Branding: To create branding that will reflect the quality of your podcast online
  • Digital Content Creation: To make your podcast visible and engaging online with digital content
  • Social Media Management: Social media profiles managed by Radio Adelaide to help engage your audience
  • On-Air Promotion: Promotion to Radio Adelaide’s 180,000 monthly listeners with on-air campaigns starting at twenty 30-second spots
  • On-Air Segments: To promote your podcast as a feature segment on Radio Adelaide
  • On-Air Program Sponsorship: To promote your podcast as a sponsor of a Radio Adelaide program with a complementary audience
  • On-Air Broadcast Program: To supersize your reach by turning your completed podcast series into a Radio Adelaide program broadcast to 180,000 monthly listeners on FM and DAB+.

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