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To keep Radio Adelaide on the airwaves, we need listeners to become financial supporters!

Everyone who becomes a supporter by Sunday 13 August will go in the draw to win great prizes. Thanks to our very generous sponsors, we’ve got nearly $5,000 worth of prizes to give away. There are daily prizes valued at $100 or more. Plus two weekly prizes:

There are three major prizes:

And then there’s the big one

  • the Adelaide Comedy Gold Pass (value $1100), including a double pass to every Friday-night Adelaide Comedy event at Rhino Room until January, plus a complimentary bucket of beer.

At Radio Adelaide, we’re committed to telling South Australian stories, celebrating local and Australian music and arts, championing ideas, providing local, independent news and current affairs, and giving access to the diverse voices of our community.

Of course, radio is an expensive business, and we’re able to do all this because of the work of many committed volunteers, valued sponsors, and the listeners who support us financially.

For less than the cost of a pint of beer per month, you can become a Radio Adelaide supporter too. During Radiothon, from 31 July to 13 August, you’ll not only receive our heartfelt gratitude but a go into the draw for the amazing prizes above. Plus, during the rest of the year, you’ll enjoy a range of supporter benefits, including discounts, invitations to station events, ticket giveaways and more.

We’ll also gladly accept donations.

You can also become a supporter or donate over the phone or in person. Just call us on 08 7132 5000 or visit us at 3 Cinema Place, Adelaide, during business hours.

We accept cash, cheque, credit card and EFTPOS.

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