Radio Adelaide is an independent community broadcaster for people curious about arts, issues, current affairs, ideas and music.

You can hear us on 101.5 FM in the Adelaide metropolitan area, on digital radio, and online via live or on-demand streaming.

We make over 80 programs a week through the commitment and passion of our community of dedicated volunteers, the support of our valued sponsors and the listeners who support us financially.

Since 1972, Radio Adelaide has been an independent, distinctly diverse voice on the Adelaide airwaves; a reflection of the many communities that make Adelaide what it is.

Founded by the University of Adelaide as 5UV, in 2001 it became Radio Adelaide, then separated from the University of Adelaide in 2016 to become wholly independent.

Today, Radio Adelaide continues its long history of giving voice to its community, telling our stories, tackling the issues that affect us, championing ideas and learning, and celebrating our culture.

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