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The Keanussaince

Posted on: Wed 9 Sep 2020

Breaking into Hollywood (and the hearts of many) 30 years ago, Keanu Reeves has since become an icon of optimism and kindness. His words of gratitude fit nicely into the sentiment of the latest edition of The Big Issue…

“[An] enormous sense of gratitude is enough for me – I don’t need to surround myself with a lot of objects and possessions to feel that way.”

Aside from celebrating the Keanussaince, this new edition features a special interview with John David Washington, star of the new Christopher Nolan film Tenet – as well as stories about Paul Kelly’s new biography and a visit to the Tokyo home Geisha Ikuko.

Amy Hetherington, editor at The Big Issue, joins Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis to elaborate about these stories and more from the latest edition of The Big Issue. Pick it up and have a chat with your local vendor.

Produced by Leon Bishop

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