Mobile Phone Restrictions in Detention Centres

Posted on: Wed 2 Sep 2020

A bill is currently being examined in parliament that could permit the government to ban mobile phones, SIM cards and other internet-capable devices from immigration detention centres. It would also allow strip searches and the use of detector dogs within the centres.

A vote on the bill is expected later this week, with Senator Jacqui Lambie holding the key vote. If passed, the bill will severely hinder access to legal, medical and social resources for detainees – worsening an already difficult situation.

Research fellow at the University of Wollongong, Michelle Peterie, joined Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis to shed light on how this will impact the detainees in Australia’s onshore immigration detention centres.

Produced by Leon Bishop

Image sourced: DIAC images (CC BY 2.0)


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