Senator Hanson-Young on Oz Film Industry

Posted on: Thu 30 Jul 2020

On the 17th of July, the Federal Government announced a $400 million tax incentive encouraging production of international film productions in Australia.

On this – Australian Greens’ Senator Sarah Hanson Young, Deputy Chair of Environment and Communications Legislation Committee said:

“Having Johnny Depp and his Pirates entourage in Australia is great, but we need to back Australian owned and made stories too…”

Emphasising the importance of employing Australian film-makers, the Greens Senator stressed the value of full Australian productions receiving funding from streaming giants Netflix, Stan and Disney.

Furthermore, by suspending local content requirements for commercial television, the Morrison Government is risking 15,000 jobs in the local arts and production industry, more vulnerable than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To discuss the implications of this tax incentive and the value of Australian film-making, Breakfast’s Zoe Kounadis spoke with Senator Hanson-Young.

Produced by Leon Bishop

Image sourced: Wallpaper Flare


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