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What if I hadn’t become blind?!

Posted on: Mon 20 Jul 2020

Since losing his eye sight after being diagnosed with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy 10 years ago, UK stand up comedian and improvisor Tom Skelton hasn’t lost any of his zest for self deprecation, pomposity and absurdity.

Eariler this year, Skelton returned to perform his second semi biographical show, 2020 Visions (What if I hadn’t gone blind?) at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival that candidly explored his deepest regrets, the what ifs and the emotionally jarring realities of living life as a VIP (Visually Impaired Person).

Skelton spoke with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad about challenging his anxieties and uncertainties with a self-doubt juxtaposition in either fantasising a false alternative existence without blindness shaping political and pop cultural events from the last decade or facing up to a unbridled reality – a loss of central visual acuity.



Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied with permission from Tom Skelton

Jarad McLoughlin

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