Michael ‘Mick’ Markham: 9RAR & Vietnam – Our Mob Served

Posted on: Mon 20 Jul 2020

Part 1.        Mick discusses his Army service and the friends he made, but looking back he questions why we needed to go to Vietnam in the first place. Mick also discusses his family and background – his mother was part of the Stolen Generations- and his life after the services, including PTSD, alcoholism and related issues. He speaks about getting assistance and helping other veterans to access health and other services; his close connection with his culture and land; the Vietnam ‘Welcome Home’ parade in 1987; and the importance and meaning to him of trips he’s made back to Vietnam, something that for many years he never imagined he would do.

This interview is an abridged version of the one conducted by Professor Mick Dodson and Dr Allison Cadzow with Craig Greene as part of the Australian Research Council-funded research project Serving our Country: a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia. Special permission has been granted for broadcast by Service Voices.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this interview may contain information about deceased persons.

Part 2 of Mick’s interview will broadcast on 27.07.2020

Our Mob Served. Publisher – Aboriginal Studies Press.

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