Andrew Sniedze & Trevor Quick: Radio Communications & Morse Code

Posted on: Mon 20 Jul 2020

Each with a wide breadth of experience over many decades working with radio communications and Morse code, these two friends take Listeners on a journey of discovery about the use of the radios and the code that’s played an important role in communications worldwide.  Trevor is still involved in the Ham Radio field.  Andrew was a Radio Officer on Merchant Navy Ships.

Andrew says that people who play musical instruments or appreciate music find it easier to learn and use morse code.  It’s to do with the timing and spacing of the signals.

Producer Helen Meyer

Andrew Sniedze. Photo by Helen Meyer, Radio Adelaide

International Morse Code – Wikimedia commons


Main Photo: Allan Hubbert, resident at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, uses Morse Code on a daily basis to communicate worldwide. Hubbert, Keesler Amateur Radio Club member, attended ground radio operator school at Keesler in 1962. (U.S. Air Force photo by Kemberly Groue)

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