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$1B Push for Onshore Recycling

Posted on: Wed 8 Jul 2020

Australians produce an incomprehensible amount of waste. From 2016-17, 67 million tonnes were sent to landfill. And since 2018, major importers China, India and Thailand have stopped accepting Australian recyclables, due to rampant contamination and increasing loads.

As part of the 2018 National Waste Policy Action Plan, the Coalition pledged A$190 million into developing recycling infrastructure earlier this week. The Federal Government aims to garner A$1 billion by involving private industry, localising all waste management onshore.

Trevor Thornton, Lecturer in Life and Environmental Sciences at Deakin University, joined Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis to elaborate on this story.

Image sourced: U.S. Air Force

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