Ron Hayward: A remote paddock in WA & Leane’s Trench

Posted on: Mon 30 Mar 2020

Located over 400km north of Perth, and about 30km east of Geraldton, sits an incredible testament to the Aussies of the 11th Battalion who took a Turkish trench in Gallipoli after brutal hand to hand combat. Ron Hayward tells us about the trench and its connection to Australia’s most famous military family, the Leane family of South Australia.  This should be a must on all travellers’ itineraries.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Main Photo Description:  Diorama of Leane’s Trench.   Photos provided by 11th Battalion AIF Living History Unit and used with permission


Men of the 11th Battalion AIF Living History Unit on the pier at Geraldton WA.

11th Battalion AIF Living History Unit re-enactment at Leane’s Trench, Western Australia

Troops of the 11th Battalion and 1st Field Company Australian Engineers assembled on the forecastle of HMS London, part of the fleet which carried the Australians from Lemnos for the Gallipoli landing at Anzac Cove. HMS Bacchante is steaming ahead.   AWM Public Domain

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