Beverley Dubois NMBVAA: Life with Clive Dubois 3RAR Indigenous Soldier

Posted on: Mon 23 Mar 2020

Beverley generously tells us about meeting Clive while he was on disembarkation leave from service in Malaya, and marrying in 1968. This is a great insight into life as a soldier’s wife in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.  Bringing up children; obtaining work.  With numerous postings, Beverley developed an effective packing/unpacking system that made the constant moving simpler.   Life wasn’t always easy, but she’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Interviewer Louise Jesser


Photo:     Beverley Dubois at Radio Adelaide 2020;  Clive Dubois, Malaya, Christmas 1963 provided by B Dubois and used with permission.

Also provided by B Dubois:

Script below Clive’s photo reads as follows…

DNE/1021/MC                   DEC 63

”And a very Merry Christmas to everyone at home,” says Private Clive Dubois of Alice Springs, Central Australia, in a recording session at Camp Terendak, Malacca. Malaya, this week.  Mr Neville Peterson (left) Assistant Representative, Australian Broadcasting Commission (SE Asia), visited Camp Terendak – where over 1000 Australian Troops and their families are based- and recorded troop messages to folks at home.  The messages will be collated as 15 minute State programme for broadcast throughout Australia, over ABC radio network, on Christmas Day.  Because of tight radio time schedules some of the messages may be cut from final programmes, but the ABC will notify relatives and nominated friends of successful soldier broadcasters.  Private Dubois is based in Malaysia with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

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