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Mickster the Tricker

Posted on: Wed 11 Mar 2020

Michael Wilkop – also known as as Mickster the Trickster, a children’s magician – is busy.

He’s involved in five different Adelaide Fringe shows with an aim to bring as many smiles as possible to children of South Australia.

So, he’s giving away up to 200 tickets for Mickster’s Magic Gadgets to children who don’t have the privilege of going to the Fringe.

“The way that (magicians) make you feel so good about yourself, it’s that type of feeling that I remember feeling as a child and I just want to give it back to children, now that I’m in a place where I can do that,” he says.

“The energy that I get from the audience when they’re smiling and laughing, that kind of love bounces back to me.”

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