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On This Day – 3 March

Posted on: Tue 3 Mar 2020

On this day in history;

In 2015, the highly influential, self-funded Chinese documentary Under the Dome (dir. Chai Jing) was deleted by the Chinese Communist Party from the Tencent streaming service after garnering 300 million views in 4 days. The documentary exhibits China’s air pollution and the inaction of governments and corporations.

In 1986, the Australia Act of 1986 commenced, causing Australia to become fully legally independent from the United Kingdom.

In 2013 a 2 year old girl from the United States became the first child born with HIV to be cured.

In 2018, The Emoji Movie (dir. Tony Leondis) was awarded the worst film of 2017 at The Razzies.

Breakfast producer Leon Bishop joins Radio Adelaide’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis to elaborate on these events in history.

Produced by Leon Bishop

Image sourced: V.T. Polywoda


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