Chris Tilley: Veterans in the prison system

Posted on: Mon 6 Jan 2020

Startling revelations here from Chris Tilley…  moving in the right direction.

From Army Green uniform to the DCS (Department of Correctional services) Blue.    Afghanistan and East Timor Veteran, now  Custodial / Recreation Officer at Mobilong Prison, Chris Tilley is well placed to provide support for positive outcomes for Veterans incarcerated in our prison system.     Veterans make up a small percentage of the SA prison population (3.35%), however they can have some substantially complex and unique needs.

Chris says  “We aim to fill some of these needs/gaps, or provide the resources and networks for the veteran to do so on completion of their sentence.  As a Correctional Officer I am constantly professionally engaged with members of the criminal community. One common admission is that regardless of support rendered, offenders are released back into their old communities, largely with negative influences, which is the major contributing factor for reoffending. There is a significant advantage to the Veteran, and the people of SA, if they are able to re-join the veteran community.”

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Also…   Chris Tilley thanks the ESOs who have supported and continue to support him in these endeavours.

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