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Jaipur Literature Festival

Posted on: Mon 7 Oct 2019

Some of Asia’s best writers, thinkers and performers are coming to Adelaide for the annual Jaipur Literature Festival.

The event includes talks, panels, readings, music and performances.

Festival advisor Laura Kroetsch says fiction is becoming more political and in our “short format world” getting to sit down and listen to people for an hour is a “luxury”.

“I think we’re all just in this moment where the world’s looking very complicated,” the former director of Adelaide Writers’ Week says.

Last year, the role of women, privilege and wealth division took centrestage.

“We don’t know how good we have it sometimes in this country. Women, in much of the world, are just simply imperiled,” Laura says.

“When an individual sits in front of you and tells you their story, it’s much harder to judge and harder to assume.”

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