Public Parks NOT Private Playgrounds

Posted on: Sun 6 Oct 2019

The Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island has been protected for 100 years. Its five-day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail opened in 2016 with community consultation and agreement.

The trail has four campsites which are are close to existing roads and discreetly located in secluded sites away from sensitive coastal habitats. However, the Department of Environment and Water has endorsed a proposal by the Australian Walking Company to develop two private luxury accommodation villages away from the trail.

This intensive development has galvanised a range of local conservation groups to oppose the proposed development. To find out more Barometer’s Des Lawrence spoke to Bev Maxwell, spokesperson for the Public Parks NOT Private Playgrounds coalition.

Help the fight for the Flinders Chase National Park – Please make your donation through Chuffed or by direct deposit to Kangaroo Island Eco-Action, BSB 105-094, Account no. 035312540
Please confirm any donations by email to: publicparksflch@gmail.com

Produced by Des Lawrence

Wiki image: Bernard Gagnon


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