The strange case of the Lady Mayoress’s missing treasure

Posted on: Mon 2 Sep 2019

Lady Mayoresses have long been seen as purely a decorative adjunct to our Lord Mayors.  Not so…  says Genevieve Thesiera-Haese, our immediate past Lady Mayoress of Adelaide.  During her term in office, Genevieve determined to research the important work carried out by her predecessors, and highlight their contribution.  We’ll bring you some of those fascinating stories in the coming months.   This month we tell you how Genevieve uncovered an incredible mystery of the missing precious Adelaide Opal and its Diamond, pearl and gold chain.

Interviewer Fiona White


Photo:  L to R  Fiona White, Genevieve Theseira-Haese

The Lady Mayoress’ chain copyright City of Adelaide. Provided by G Thesiera-Haese and used with permission

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