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Building inclusive environments for hearing loss

Posted on: Mon 2 Sep 2019

Hearing loss can be a very lonely experience, especially when those around us don’t understand what we’re going through.

Shona Fennell and Barbara Munn have spent years volunteering to help others find company and support for hearing loss.

Until its closure at the end of last year, they were a part of the Adelaide Branch of Better Hearing Australia.

They speak to Small Change‘s Lisa Burns about how widespread hearing loss is in Australia, the education workshops BHA Adelaide delivered to university students studying medicine, the importance of finding people with shared experiences and some of the misguided things people do when they try to speak to someone with hearing loss.

Produced by Lisa Burns

Image supplied by SACOSS

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, or you’d like to know how to better support someone who is, get in touch with Better Hearing Australia

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