Rick Baker: Thomas Charles Richmond (Rick) Baker DFC MM and Bar WW1

Posted on: Mon 5 Aug 2019

We first met Rick Baker, a retired scientist, at a recent RAAF event at the Torrens Training Depot in Adelaide.  He was standing near a large poster depicting a portrait of a young airman from WW1.  It was his Uncle, also known as Rick Baker.  We learned a lot about this brave uncle of his, and determined that our Listeners should also hear the story.

Outline:   During WW1 Thomas Charles Richmond (Rick) Baker served two years with 16th Battery, Field Artillery Brigade.  While with that unit he was awarded the Military Medal and Bar. He subsequently transferred to the Australian Flying Corps where he was promoted Captain, and earned a Distinguished Flying Cross.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Thomas Charles Richmond (Rick) Baker DFC MM+Bar Medals Photo by Helen Meyer


Main Photo: Lto R  Karl Bohl, the German fighter pilot responsible for shooting down Australian Rick Baker during WW1.  Photo provided by Rick Baker’s nephew, Richmond Baker. 2019.    Richmond (Rick) Baker standing beside a poster of his Uncle, WW1 Ace Thomas Charles Richmond (Rick) Baker.

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